One-off cast bronze skeletal curved staircase!

Here´s some pics of a project we did a few years back, which I think still stands up to scrutiny. a collaborative project with Eduardo Egozcue

Eduardo interiors

and Luki Huber

It was a year long project from miniature model, to 3d design and prototype modelling, finishing by hand with clay, through to plaster molds and on to the bronze casting of the 13 steps.
A big problem was the shrinkage of 5 % at casting of the bronze so all mechanised holes had to be scaled up.
The bronze pieces had to be welded aged and finished before mounting in the attic in the centre of Barcelona.
OInce the stressful day of the mounting was over (each step piece weighs 50 kg, and it is all cantilevered from a steel plate on the balcony until it reaches the floor level), then the stainless curved handrail was installed, and leather clad.
The floor and wall covering were cut around the structural joints to make thge stair seem lightweight and almost like a piece of furniture.
I am very pleased and proud of the results still after more than 10 years
heres the final pics
hope you like Sig

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