more pics of the gold leaf chair

in a brighter setting nearby
steel chair with applied gold leaf, aged and varnished with aged oak coloured leather upholstery


stainless steel furniture and mountain goat upholstery

Heres some details of a recent order for north africa, the client wanted polished stainless steel and curly mountain goat hair upholstery on the 2 chaise longue, and aged burgundy leather on the chairs. i like the contrast between the luxurious depth of the upholstery and the polished stainless steel, it would be nice to see them in their final home!

Aged gold leaf steel easy chairs

Here’s some details of an aged gold leaf finish I´ve been working on. The client wanted a look of bronze rather than gold, so it had to be darkened slightly. The gold is sealed with polyurethane so its scratch resistant and hard-wearing. The leather is also aged in an old oak colour. The chair is “easy number 2” .

Bela (Lugosi) arm chair !

being a long time fan of Bauhaus (the music group in this case not the architectural movement), and because the first easy chair was inspired by the famous maxell tapes advert from the 80´s with peter Murphy, i decided to make the standard “EASY 1” a little more special!!
the steel was cut away to give the impression of lightness and the whole thing was coated in a “cape” of very many metres of leather. the whole thing was sanded, aged using many odd chemicals, painted, sanded again and then waxed before i was happy with the end result.

quite pleased with the result, a bit out of the ordinary, here’s the pics, felt the need to use the smoke machine too!;)