“the hot seat” new stainless steel easy chair.

Its been a while in the making, but here it is at last, ready for the Paris show in january 2013,
hand polished stainless steel and pink leather upholstery on steel base.
"hot seat" easy chair


stainless steel chair

the hot seat stainless steel easy chair


Maison et Objet , Paris , January 2012

the stand from Ici et La in paris , with “Bela” (Lugosi) arm-chair, “SUGARI” arm-chair, “charmed” side table/stool and “the rule box” low cupboard.
paintings by “catman” and Vanessa Guspirus Linares Capel.
here’s a couple of snaps!
thanks to Isabel from Ici et La

Bela (Lugosi) arm chair flies into Barcelona!

ok this is how Bela looks in a proper clean space (not my dirty workshop with ambiental smoke!) takes on a more elegant aire I think.? nice to see it next to its brother also.
it´ll be off to the show in paris in january (Maison et objet)
cheers sig

Bela (Lugosi) arm chair !

being a long time fan of Bauhaus (the music group in this case not the architectural movement), and because the first easy chair was inspired by the famous maxell tapes advert from the 80´s with peter Murphy, i decided to make the standard “EASY 1” a little more special!!
the steel was cut away to give the impression of lightness and the whole thing was coated in a “cape” of very many metres of leather. the whole thing was sanded, aged using many odd chemicals, painted, sanded again and then waxed before i was happy with the end result.

quite pleased with the result, a bit out of the ordinary, here’s the pics, felt the need to use the smoke machine too!;)