Ici et la limited series design in archiexpo…

for all the architects out there, here’s a link to the page


ici et la showroom on archiexpo.com


future London with a bit of added pollution!

tweaked video of the model with extra pollution in the air


done with the aid of a cheap old slide projector and loads of cheap torches!…oh and a smoke machine

fine detailing the sci-fi city

starting to work on the surface textures and the apparent depth of the built elements..its a bit like playing with the contrast function in Photoshop, start adding greys to the white then finally blacks in the deeper recesses. still a long way to go but looking a bit less like a pile of primered scrap plastic!

heres the launch tower and the city hall

construint a la sala, the city goes public!

well I had a great weekend in MNAC in Barcelona. The model city was being used to inspire 600 kids (from 7 -12 years old) whilst they planned and built their own perfect house, out of recycled materials. the reaction to the city from everyone was great, from architects to the kids to the parents, all loved the way it was put together from electrical junk, and it would appear that it did its job in inspiring the young designers. the creative energy from these children was great, their own buildings were full of surprises that most adults wouldn´t even think of. I hope to be repeating this great experienceBarcelona tv coverage of the event

city architecture backwards

ok so the city is pretty much set up ready for the expo at ´construint a la sala´on sunday 21st november, here’s what it looks like at this point in time without light effects and all the other goodies, quite pleased with how its come out, detailed but still powerful enough as an object in its own right. the false perspective and depth have worked ok and therefore its great fun to take photos of. lets see if the 600 or so kids get fired up about it on sunday!!

the city lighting at night

the architecture backwards project is still moving, it will be exhibited at construint a la sala on the 21st november at MNAC on montjuic in barcelona http://www.construintalasala.org/cs1eng.html

heres some pics of the progress, starting to get into textures and lighting (use of the natural texture of the buildings and lighting to bring out these reliefs