X-wing over future london!! ;-)

this is a download paper model of the famous fighter, hung over the model to give a bit of life to the polluted skies!


Bela (Lugosi) arm chair !

being a long time fan of Bauhaus (the music group in this case not the architectural movement), and because the first easy chair was inspired by the famous maxell tapes advert from the 80´s with peter Murphy, i decided to make the standard “EASY 1” a little more special!!
the steel was cut away to give the impression of lightness and the whole thing was coated in a “cape” of very many metres of leather. the whole thing was sanded, aged using many odd chemicals, painted, sanded again and then waxed before i was happy with the end result.

quite pleased with the result, a bit out of the ordinary, here’s the pics, felt the need to use the smoke machine too!;)

mexican airfield slot track model

the track has been ..err… naturally weathered by dust, cement mixing close by and spiders and it is now looking better than ever (in my opinion!!) so it inspired a new batch of pics.
hope you like them..remember all this is at 1:43 scale
cheers sig

“CAFÉ RACER” stainless Coffee table

So I got a bit inspired by looking at some hotrods the other day, and I thought it would be funny to be a little more literal with my streamlined shapes, why not give the furniture wheels and go the whole hog!
So here’s my attempt at an abstracted form of stripped down 50´s motorbike and hot rod style in table form! tried to keep the stainless polished roughly to look more like aluminium, note the hot rod red wheel .
a bit tongue in cheek, but i like it! 😉
here’s the pics cheers for now sig

“urban wreck” metal table experiment

the old “reminder table” (the one that went wrong..see earlier posts!) has been given a new lease of life..and oh what fun it has been. Again I´ve been trying out new paint techniques and breaking as many rules as possible!.i´ve been very inspired by trends in graphic design recently..as you can see! the outcome is probably un-sellable but i love it to bits. its got loads of attitude and the contrast with the flower holders is lovely !(in my opinion!!!)
hope you like it…just getting this destroyed paint effect thing out of my system..it should be back to shiny stainless and business as usual soon..ish! 😉
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