Zeppelin steel frame lamp project

We all now how utterly cool the old zeppelins were, probably because of their enormous size and beautiful shape (as well as the knowledge that they were ridiculously dangerous to be in). So I thought it was time to build one. The idea is that it´ll be some sort of feature for above a large dining table and i´ll integrate some small halogens where the motors were for down lights. Not finished yet, needs the gondola and lights plus finishing and varnish. I won´t be putting a skin on it as I love the framework
hope you like it so far 😉
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ps its approx 1:100 …2.4m long!


X-wing over future london!! ;-)

this is a download paper model of the famous fighter, hung over the model to give a bit of life to the polluted skies!

mexican airfield slot track model

the track has been ..err… naturally weathered by dust, cement mixing close by and spiders and it is now looking better than ever (in my opinion!!) so it inspired a new batch of pics.
hope you like them..remember all this is at 1:43 scale
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Cnc designed lamp from weekend workshop

heres the “nearly”finished prototype of the lamp designed an built at mediodesign in barcelona at the weekend. i´m really pleased with it as the design method is totally new for me and will open loads of new doors for me to experiment

hope you like it
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chairway to heaven…or action man lookout post!, metal sculpture experiment.

a little idea that appeared like a flash a week ago!…I like the totom pole aspect and the wrong proportions, just an experiment that may lead to something bigger!??