baby zeppelin ! the start of a family!

Mama zeppelin gave birth to a floating baby zep!, this one is only 1.5m long as mother zep is 2.3m

heres the pix

steel fame model zeppelin

steel fame model zeppelin




Zeppelin steel frame lamp project

We all now how utterly cool the old zeppelins were, probably because of their enormous size and beautiful shape (as well as the knowledge that they were ridiculously dangerous to be in). So I thought it was time to build one. The idea is that it´ll be some sort of feature for above a large dining table and i´ll integrate some small halogens where the motors were for down lights. Not finished yet, needs the gondola and lights plus finishing and varnish. I won´t be putting a skin on it as I love the framework
hope you like it so far 😉
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ps its approx 1:100 …2.4m long!

mexican airfield slot track model

the track has been ..err… naturally weathered by dust, cement mixing close by and spiders and it is now looking better than ever (in my opinion!!) so it inspired a new batch of pics.
hope you like them..remember all this is at 1:43 scale
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“Invader” chair returns from its wanderings!

ok, so after years wandering around the galaxy, the invader chair has safely returned to base, a little worse for wear and branding new storage equipment under its wings.

the stainless UV reflector has coped well with its journey but the paintwork has suffered from various asteroid showers and rebel attacks!

it will be kept in this condition as a reminder of the dangers out there in the universe!

hope you like it.

Thoughts on aesthetics in furniture design

More and more, it is appearing to me that for an object to be “aesthetically pleasing” depends more on an individuals opinions than hard and fast rules set out in the designers ‘bible’ thousands of years ago!
I was taught that certain mixtures or treatments will doubtless create an ugly object with therefore no worth.
However this is like saying we will only be friends with beautiful people as the rest will disgust us!
Clearly this is not the case..and to continue the analogy i believe it is the personality of the person which makes for an enduring relationship rather than simple looks.
So when applied to furniture design I believe that the emotion a piece emits is probably more important for its continued integration in an interior, than its pure looks.
These days designers concentrate a lot on new forms, newer materials, and sale-ability to a fashionable market, however my quest has always been more related to creating furniture for clients who live and love the pieces as one of the family until such a time as their relationship doesn’t work any more.
Increasingly I find myself shunning the well finished detailing and smooth aesthetics in favour of a rougher, more useable and personable style.
Imagine the rugged handsomeness of an old fisherman, or the kindness in an old ladies laughter lines!…why can´t furniture contain as much ‘soul’ as these examples.
Obviously to say this doesn’t in any way negate the usefulness of young prettiness in our world,(the shiny stainless, or the impeccable resin forms) but I do believe that there is room for both styles to co-exist.
Therefore I want to try to concentrate more on the presence of the furniture rather than its looks, it is kind of like experimenting with making furniture ugly!…how far can it be taken and still be accepted into out homes?
The aging of the materials seems to be one of the keys to the ‘personality’ of the piece, and also an odd and underused mix of materials or styles within the one object enables us to engage with the object more as we don’t immediately understand it.
This is an experiment for me, and I will start to publish some strange pieces from now on…please try and understand them as interesting people rather than judging then simply on face value.
Ok, off to the workshop speak again soon

garden unique at cologne 2011

heres a copy of the interview that jovoto did after inviting me to the prize-giving at the cologne show earlier this month. i came second in the jury contest for the “garden goes balcony” project

heres the linkjovoto interview at garden unique 2011