stainless steel staircase hand rail

for a student veterinary studio in Lerida


retro-futurism? new easy chair on the go…

quite pleased with how these are turning out, obviously still needing upholstery and polishing but a definite old school futurist vibe going on…from a time when the future was a bright , fun and exciting place to be! (compare with now!!!)
here’s the pics of the chairs in progress, a swivel version and a fixed leg version…hope you like them 😉

Maison et Objet , Paris , January 2012

the stand from Ici et La in paris , with “Bela” (Lugosi) arm-chair, “SUGARI” arm-chair, “charmed” side table/stool and “the rule box” low cupboard.
paintings by “catman” and Vanessa Guspirus Linares Capel.
here’s a couple of snaps!
thanks to Isabel from Ici et La

“Invader” chair returns from its wanderings!

ok, so after years wandering around the galaxy, the invader chair has safely returned to base, a little worse for wear and branding new storage equipment under its wings.

the stainless UV reflector has coped well with its journey but the paintwork has suffered from various asteroid showers and rebel attacks!

it will be kept in this condition as a reminder of the dangers out there in the universe!

hope you like it.

garden unique at cologne 2011

heres a copy of the interview that jovoto did after inviting me to the prize-giving at the cologne show earlier this month. i came second in the jury contest for the “garden goes balcony” project

heres the linkjovoto interview at garden unique 2011

carved jatoba, steel and brass bench

here’s another version of the 2 seater stainless steel bench, but simplified and using rough polished brass instead, which gives a lovely golden colour. the legs will be rusted as a contrast to the exquisite materials that they support!

hope you like it sig

competition entry with

\"the perfect balcony\" design competion

here’s my sketch scheme for a multi tasking table, bench fountain and barbecue/outdoor fire-place. all runs on guides built into the stainless planter. balcony size limited (by the competition handlers ) to 5m x 2.4m deep so space-saving is an issue.
heres a couple of photos of the model at 1:10 scale, the benches slide under the table, and there is a fireplace/fountain piece which slides under everything.
its nice to be amongst a community of international designers again, relieves the boredom of a small catalan village!!

cheers sig