baby zeppelin ! the start of a family!

Mama zeppelin gave birth to a floating baby zep!, this one is only 1.5m long as mother zep is 2.3m

heres the pix

steel fame model zeppelin

steel fame model zeppelin




“the hot seat” new stainless steel easy chair.

Its been a while in the making, but here it is at last, ready for the Paris show in january 2013,
hand polished stainless steel and pink leather upholstery on steel base.
"hot seat" easy chair


stainless steel chair

the hot seat stainless steel easy chair

“Triangulate” dining/conference table

here’s a mash-up of recycled parts, the old 70´s formica surface came from a local brick manufacturer and the legs started life as a design for a staircase up in the mountains. i´m pleased with the sense of support the thin triangulation gives to the faceted surface. i may reskim the surface with steel or stainless, not sure yet.
hope you like it a bit!

Zeppelin steel frame lamp project

We all now how utterly cool the old zeppelins were, probably because of their enormous size and beautiful shape (as well as the knowledge that they were ridiculously dangerous to be in). So I thought it was time to build one. The idea is that it´ll be some sort of feature for above a large dining table and i´ll integrate some small halogens where the motors were for down lights. Not finished yet, needs the gondola and lights plus finishing and varnish. I won´t be putting a skin on it as I love the framework
hope you like it so far 😉
cheers sig
ps its approx 1:100 …2.4m long!

retro-futurism? new easy chair on the go…

quite pleased with how these are turning out, obviously still needing upholstery and polishing but a definite old school futurist vibe going on…from a time when the future was a bright , fun and exciting place to be! (compare with now!!!)
here’s the pics of the chairs in progress, a swivel version and a fixed leg version…hope you like them 😉