shopping trolley chair conversion project

ok, first i need to say this was just a little idea i had to use an old trolley that was in the garage!. but the kids really liked it which meant i had to live with it in the house which in turn meant i had to make it slightly presentable! . although this sort of conversion furniture is a world away from what i normally do, it is impossible not to learn something from the process and hopefully integrate it into a ” proper” project. for that reason i´ll put the pics on here…be gentle i know its pretty ugly!!


“joan of arc” chair, accidental furniture!

ok , so the story of this thing! ?. i did the original chair years ago was probably the worst chair design ever made, very heavy, pretty unstable but ergonomically pretty correct. its been knocking around here ever since shouting for an up-grade. So the base was chopped off and the shape shortened.the new base wasn´t intentionally made to make it look like a funeral pyre! , I was actually trying out structural solidity with fine bars. but hey another example of accidental furniture comes to life! ;))

the “builder” bed. humble furniture design

“with this bed i wanted to create something with a humble personality, a close friend who you spend half your life with rather than an attention seeking protagonist always looking to impress.the wood is left as honest as possible without hiding its marks and scars. all construction details are shown clearly. The added text further deepens the sense of comfort and humour of the piece.”

“con esta cama queria crear un objeto con personalidad humilde, como un buen amigo con quien compartir tu vida en vez de un protagonista siempre buscando attencion. la madera esta dejado lo mas honesto possible sin esconder o mascarar sus defectos y todos los detalles de construccion estan claramente enseñados. el texto añadido profundiza el sentido de humor y comodidad de la pieza.

made to measure (150 x 200 mattress size in the photo)
materials pine beams, galvanized sheet and aged steel, acryllic paint and polyurethane varnish
text reads:-
“and the little one said “roll over”
so they all rolled over
and as usual daddy had to go and sleep on the sofa!”

“Triangulate” dining/conference table

here’s a mash-up of recycled parts, the old 70´s formica surface came from a local brick manufacturer and the legs started life as a design for a staircase up in the mountains. i´m pleased with the sense of support the thin triangulation gives to the faceted surface. i may reskim the surface with steel or stainless, not sure yet.
hope you like it a bit!

mexican airfield slot track model

the track has been ..err… naturally weathered by dust, cement mixing close by and spiders and it is now looking better than ever (in my opinion!!) so it inspired a new batch of pics.
hope you like them..remember all this is at 1:43 scale
cheers sig

“urban wreck” metal table experiment

the old “reminder table” (the one that went wrong..see earlier posts!) has been given a new lease of life..and oh what fun it has been. Again I´ve been trying out new paint techniques and breaking as many rules as possible!.i´ve been very inspired by trends in graphic design you can see! the outcome is probably un-sellable but i love it to bits. its got loads of attitude and the contrast with the flower holders is lovely !(in my opinion!!!)
hope you like it…just getting this destroyed paint effect thing out of my should be back to shiny stainless and business as usual soon..ish! 😉
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“Invader” chair returns from its wanderings!

ok, so after years wandering around the galaxy, the invader chair has safely returned to base, a little worse for wear and branding new storage equipment under its wings.

the stainless UV reflector has coped well with its journey but the paintwork has suffered from various asteroid showers and rebel attacks!

it will be kept in this condition as a reminder of the dangers out there in the universe!

hope you like it.