“the hot seat” new stainless steel easy chair.

Its been a while in the making, but here it is at last, ready for the Paris show in january 2013,
hand polished stainless steel and pink leather upholstery on steel base.
"hot seat" easy chair


stainless steel chair

the hot seat stainless steel easy chair


stainless steel furniture and mountain goat upholstery

Heres some details of a recent order for north africa, the client wanted polished stainless steel and curly mountain goat hair upholstery on the 2 chaise longue, and aged burgundy leather on the chairs. i like the contrast between the luxurious depth of the upholstery and the polished stainless steel, it would be nice to see them in their final home!

retro-futurism? new easy chair on the go…

quite pleased with how these are turning out, obviously still needing upholstery and polishing but a definite old school futurist vibe going on…from a time when the future was a bright , fun and exciting place to be! (compare with now!!!)
here’s the pics of the chairs in progress, a swivel version and a fixed leg version…hope you like them 😉